Catherine Ingram Announces Run for State Senate

Catherine Ingram announces yesterday with broad support for her run for Ohio’s 9th State Senate Seat. Her campaign kick-off was supported by the current seat holder Cecil Thomas and Mayor John Cranley. Many attended to show support for Catherine.
Images by Tyra Oldham. (Images from left to right) Cecil Thomas, John Cranley, and Catherine Ingram.

In her modest and straightforward words, “I am poised to support our community and state, She also commented, “I will need your help and support!”

The kick-off at Esoteric Brewing Company was lively, community-based, and masking.

Ingram shared, “Thank you to all for your attendance on this kick-off for the State Senate seat.”

Catherine Ingram welcomes your support and donations. Stay tuned for her new State Senate Website, “Ingram for the People.”

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