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Many people don’t know or don’t believe that the State of Ohio offers a $50 tax credit (or $100 for a married couple) for a contribution to a campaign for a state office. Well, it’s true!

With the New Year quickly approaching, this is your final chance to take advantage of the political contribution tax credit!

You can end 2021 by investing in Ohio’s future. If you contribute up to $50 or $100* to our campaign committee, then you can claim a $50 Ohio tax credit when filing your 2021 Ohio tax forms. Again, an individual can receive up to a $50 tax credit and couples filing jointly can receive up to a $100 tax credit for their contribution.

To contribute you can either click here or mail a check made out to “Ingram for the People” to 6571 Edwood Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45224.

Your support this year can not only earn you a tax credit but will also help to make the following years better for all Ohioans.

Best Hopes,

Catherine Ingram
Ingram for the People

Contribute Today!

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