Higher Education State of Emergency Bill During Covid

OH HB597

Halt debt collection and freeze interest against state universities.

Representative Cathy Ingram co-sponsored the introduction of HB597 to declare a state of emergency in higher education during the COVID pandemic to freeze the collection of student debt through the AGs office. This will alleviate some of the burden on students and graduates.

The need for supporters to rally for this house bill 597 is necessary to support our students and families during this unsettling time.

Introduced Session

133rd General Assembly on 03/31/2020

Bill Summary

To halt the collection of all debt owed to any state institution of higher education or hospital operated by a state institution of higher education, to freeze the accrual of interest and collection of fees on all outstanding debt owed to those entities, and to declare an emergency.


Education : Higher Education State and Local Government : State Government


Brigid Kelly (D),  Mary Lightbody (D),  John Patterson (D),  Kent Smith (D),  Catherine Ingram (D)

Last Action

Refer to Committee: Civil Justice (on 05/05/2020)

Official Document


Supported Legislation

House Bill 111
Transmit transfer student records within five school days
To amend sections 3314.03, 3326.11, and 3328.24 and to enact section 3319.324 of the Revised Code to require that public and private schools transmit a transferred student's records within five school days.