Thank You and Patience

I thank everyone for the support given on the way back to the House of Representatives, 133rd General Assembly. All those who gave time, money and volunteered made the difference in my reelection and aided others running for office. I am grateful and appreciative for your belief in me.

It has been hard to speak as we wait for the decision for president. We wait for the last remaining votes to be counted. It is a time for us as Democrats to be mindful and patient as we all await the outcome of a long battle to take back our nation.  I am inspired by the dedication of the many voters and workers who came together to shift communities, precincts and states to blue.  There were upsets in this challenge.  I ask us to keep the faith and continue to support our entire party as we hold our breath today and move forward tomorrow.

Catherine Ingram

Your House of Representative for the 32nd District

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