We are on the BIG Countdown 94 Days Left

We are on the BIG Countdown, less than 100 days to the most important election. Our nation is held in the balance and your vote counts.

This vote to remove Trump and his politics. This election is to support our nation and Ohio today and in the future. Your vote is to deliver a voice to our communities and a resounding “no” to the last four years.

Vote to:

  • Deliver COVID-19 solutions in testing, vaccines and support for our state and nation to protect our families and citizens.
  • Support our schools’ educational challenges to increase funding and effective learning for our children.
  • Reduce layoffs of our workforce during COVID-19 and increase jobs across Ohio.
  • Stop credit reporting and foreclosures during our current economic challenges.
  • Increase policing reforms and policies for safe policing our citizens.
  • Support improvement of healthcare and deliver services and reduce costs for all Americans.
  • Stop racial injustice that impacts our nation and directly effects education, services, gerrymandering, policing and economic inequities.
  • Stop the deportation of our foreign born and migrating people who have come to our nation for a better life.

I am Catherine Ingram running for re-election to support District 32, Ohio and our nation. I NEED YOUR VOTE! Learn more at https://cathyingram.com/.

The time is now for a better Cincinnati, Ohio and Nation. I need your vote and financial support now.

I am your candidate for District 32,

Catherine Ingram

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